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The Benefits of an FAQ Section for Your Product Page

The Benefits of an FAQ Section for Your Product Page

When people browse your products online, they don’t have the benefit of a sales assistant nearby to help them with any general queries they have, like in physical store.

It is however, easy for an e-commerce store to replicate this in some ways by using a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section in product page.


You might be thinking that you don’t really need an FAQ, as you might already have an online chat system and contact page, both of which are great and have their uses. However there are several benefits to using an FAQ either instead of these, or better yet in addition to them.

It's very quick

Contacting someone via chat or email is great but there are several flaws. Firstly the customer might be online when you or your support team not.

It’s frustrating to have a question and not being able to find a quick response, which could turn into the customer trying your competitor out.

FAQ is always there and available, even when you and your team are tucked up in bed.

It can help improve sales

By being available all the time, an FAQ can help reduce buyer’s bouncing off your site just because they can’t get a question answered.

FAQ can help overcome any objections the visitor might have when it comes to buying the product.

The FAQ can also help build trust with a potential customer by providing transparent answers that might not be initially clear (or necessary) in the sales copy.

It can help prevent unnecessary support queries

Even if you do have a full support team on hand, do they really need to be bogged down answering the same questions time and time again? No, they don’t.

FAQ can help reduce the number of repetitive questions and free up support time to handle more complex and difficult inquiries

As well as that it can also help reduce support costs by allowing for a smaller support team.

It can help upsell

For example, you may have a question about whether there is a discount for bulk purchases that links through to a sales pitch specifically for that.

Or think about a situation where the question is “Do I need batteries for product X?”. This could link to the relevant products that need batteries and to ones that don’t.

It can be used for SEO

Frequently Asked Questions are still content on your site, and as such can still be beneficial in terms of SEO.

OK, ok it's clear now ... I NEED FAQ section on my product pages.


If you already have had some feedback and queries from customers then you can use those questions to compile a list of the most frequently asked ones.

If your store just got his first online version then put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think about what questions they might need answers to.

Make it easy to read

Answers should be brief, succinct, clear and direct - yet personable. Think of this as a time-saver, and yet another way to connect with your customers.

OCX Team

Since 2010 we exclusively focused on OpenCart platform. We know it from A to Z, being able to resolve any challenge might raise concerning the development of your ecommerce store.