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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

All companies with current (or future) EU customers will be required from 25 May 2018 to follow the..


OpenCart 1-Click Upgrade

Are you stuck with an old version of OpenCart? Let us help you now! Automatically migrate your catal..

$99.99 $69.99

Facebook Store Pro

Want to have Facebook working for you? In a few minutes you can import your Opencart store to Facebo..

Android Store (+ Push Notification)

Android application for your store with Push Notification included...

Facebook Login (+ custom position)

Facebook Login - quick connect/register using Facebook..

Sales Motivator

Drive more sales through your customers’ social networks. Quick & Easy ..

Abandoned Cart Reminder PRO

Prevent cart abandonment - send cart content reminders ..

Facebook Contest (Deal Unlocker)

Easy way to promote your products and boost your sales by creating contest on your store. Faceboo..

Facebook Auto Post

Facebook Auto Post - helps you to add your product info directly to your facebook fan page when a ne..

Just Purchased Notification

Just Purchased Notification displays recently bought products on your store and encourage your poten..

Order Discount

Give discount for your customers based on cart total ..

Min Order Total

Useful extension if you want to setup an minimum order amount (allow customers to checkout ONLY if s..

HTML Email

tranform text emails to html email ..

After Purchase Review Invitation

Happy customers = sales..

Alert Customers - When Product is in Stock

alert customers when product is in stock..

Special Deal (Groupon Style)

Highlight your special proposals. Focus customer attention on your best deals. Sell more items! F..

Blog Pro

Add blog on your opencart store...

Price Alert

With this module your customer can setup an price alert. (customer is informed via email when the pr..

Newsletter Builder

Newsletter Builder allow you to customize everything: - sections included as : special offers, new ..

PDF Invoice (with autosend)

PDF Invoice with auto send to customer (optional)..

Loyalty LifeTime Discount

Loyalty LifeTime Discount enables you to offer discount (for new order) based on the total spending ..

Language & Currency Auto Switch IP Based

This extensions check IP address of customer computer and bases on the result to detect client's geo..

Language & Currency Auto Switch CloudFlare Based

This extensions detect client's geographical location (using CloudFlare), then automatically change ..

Beep Beep - SMS Notification + Marketing

Beep Beep - SMS Notification + Marketing is using Clickatell SMS gateway, the largest Online SMS Gat..

Birthday Coupon

Send discount coupon to customer on his birthday...

Upsell Offer

Offer customers to buy additional products based on the cart content, cart total and many other cust..

Price Match

The Price Match extension allows you to be ahead of competitors with the help of your customers, rep..

Customer Follow Up Email (4 in 1)

customer follow up email, abandoned cart, reorder, orders threshold, bad customers..


Benefits of implementing a loyalty program on your store are many – from enhancing your sales to kee..

AutoSuggest Search

With this module you can transform your search function to an autosuggest search..

Shipment Order Tracking

This extension allow to add shipping detail (tracking link and other details) in order comment. You..

FAQ System

One way to popularize your website is to tighten the communication with visitors. And our FAQ System..

Also Bought Products

The Also Bought Products is perfect to maximize sales volume by increasing average order size up by ..

Affiliate Widget Generator ( new)

Generate widget that can be used on other sites to promote your products. Usefull tool for your a..

Recommended products when no search result

Show recommended products when no search result..

Facebook Store Basic

Want to have Facebook working for you? In a few minutes you can import your Opencart store to Facebo..

Abandoned Cart Reminder Basic

Prevent cart abandonment. Send email notifications to your customers about abandoned orders adding a..

Skitter Slider

Skitter Slider..

Admin Low Stock Alert (SMS - Mail)

low stock alert for admin, sms low stock alert, mail low stock alert..

Youtube Video Banner

Add youtube video to your page and promote your brand or products or just let your customers to see ..

Registration Bonus

registration bonus, store credit for new customer..

First Order Discount

First Order Discount - encourage your customers to add first order by rewarding with an discount ..

Search Analyzer

Search Analyzer - find what your customers search on your site..

Widget Generator (new)

If you want to allow visitors/customers to promote your products then what you need is the Widget G..



Piecemaker Slider

Piecemaker Slider..

SMS Marketing

Send SMS to your customers using your phone. Why to use expensive SMS-gateway ? Just access sms ..

iContact - multiple departments & auto-reply

iContact - multiple departments & auto-reply..

Order Bonus

Want to reward your customers with bonuses if their order total is greater than certain values? T..

Image Quality Level (compression)

Set images quality level and reduce files size (increase website speed - according with quality leve..

Facebook Marketing + Facebook Connect

1 click login/register and tools that can be used to promote your products/offers/other messages on ..

Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags

The Open Graph protocol is a great way to not only share a page's information but to also control ho..

Special Offers with CountDown Timer and Slider

If you want to promote special offers than you need this module. Flexible and and easy to use, th..

Facebook Game Contest

This extensions help you to promote your products using a Facebook game special designed from Fan Pa..

Special Offer Reminder

With this module your customer can setup an special offer allert. (customer is informed via email wi..

Discount based on Payment Method

This extensions let you to give order discount if customer use certain payment method. ..


Frequently, customers try to find quickly news about your products ans services. With this extension..

Google Rich Snippets (Product Page)

rich snippets are tags that can be used on your product pages that make “extra info” about each prod..

Order Status Color

Set a custom color for each order status in the list of orders..

PoshyTip Notifier

PoshyTip Notifier..

Custom Popup

Custom Popup - create popups messages / offers for your store..

XGallery Basic

XGallery Basic..


With this module you will have special offer + latest + bestseller in tabs..

Sticky Scroll Banner

Sticky Scroll Banner it's a simple sticky module designed to allow an element to stick to the top of..

Sticky Menu Bar

Sticky Menu Bar it's a simple sticky module designed to allow your site menu to stick to the top of ..

Sticky Columns

Sticky Columns it's a simple sticky module designed to allow your site's left and right columns to s..

Special Price Countdown Timer

When you have a product with a special price for a limited period of time you may need a countdown t..

Social Buttons

With this module your customers can share your page via social networks like facebook, twitter or go..

Snow Falling

Snow falling - add winter to your site. You can customize colors and dimension of flakes ..

Smart Up Button

Smart Up Button - the name says it all. Check out the demo...


Slidebox it's a simple, nice image slider with a beautiful effect built to present your products...

Scroll To Top

Scroll To Top - the name says it all...

Responsive Flexslider

An awesome, fully responsive jQuery slider plugin...

Recent View Products

The Recent Vew Products is perfect to maximize sales volume by increasing average order size. The mo..

Page Splash Banner

If you want to promote hard then what you need is the Page Splash Banner Module. Flexible and and ea..

Page peel + bonus

Page peel - a module that allow you to promote your offers using banners (page curl)..

Outdated Browser Check

It detects outdated browsers and advises users to upgrade to a new version..

Order Mail Full Copy To Admin

This extension will send an order mail to admin (same as mail received by customer - full copy)...


OKZoom - zoom your product image..

OCX Featured Slider

OCX Featured Slider..

Nivo Slider Full Options

Nivo Slider Full Options leads the default opencart Slideshow module to a higher level, so you have..

My Tweets

Import tweets from a from a twitter user ..

Multi Language SEO Keywords Generator

Everyone knows how important is SEO. With this module you can have different links (URL) accordin..

Magic Coupons

Magic Coupons = hide a coupon inside a page/more pages from your site Coupon is displayed only wh..

Google Translate

With this module you can use Google Translate widget in your page...

Free Gift

Add an product gift to your customers order related to cart subtotal, products in cart, customer gro..

Follow Us

follow us, facebook, twitter, rss, google plus..

Flying Twitter

Flying Twitter it's an animated flying Twitter bird module. When you scroll the page Up or Down, twi..

Fixed Bar

With this module you will have at bottom of your page a series of usefull tools like: - autosuggest..

Favorite Products

The Favorite Products is perfect to maximize sales volume by increasing average order size. The modu..

Facebook Wall News Import

The name says it all, this extension allows you to display the Facebook Wall of an user, a page or a..

Facebook Recommendation Bar

The Recommendations Bar allows users to like content, get recommendations, and share what they’re re..

Facebook Page Lightbox

Your shop's Facebook Page needs to attract and gain more Likes so we did a Facebook Like Box module...

Facebook Like Box Widget

Your shop's Facebook Page needs to attract and gain more Likes so we did a Facebook Like Box module...

Facebook Like Box

Your shop's Facebook Page needs to attract and gain more Likes so we did a Facebook Like Box module...

Facebook Footer Like Box

Your shop's Facebook Page needs to attract and gain more Likes so we did a Facebook Like Box module...

Facebook Comments

Everyone knows the cool social plugin from facebook.com, Comments Box, that enables user commenting ..

Elegant Accordion

Elegant Accordion..


Everyone knows the cool social plugin from facebook.com, Comments Box, that enables user commenting ..

Dinamic News

Dinamic News Module is perfect if you want to display latest posts/news (from your blog etc) in your..

Diapo Basic

Diapo Slider..

Cycle Slideshow

Cycle Slideshow it's perfect to show your banners with style. It has a lot of effects and easing typ..

Custom HTML

With this module you add custom HTML area. You can insert adds, youtube videos etc..

Cloudflare Country Blocker

Deny access to your website for visitors depending on country they are from..

Bonus Products Packet

With this module you define packets. (a main product + bonus products)..

Attribute Filter

The search function made possible by this extension is well suited for websites that sell items with..

Admin List Row Highlight

This extension is useful in admin area list when you want to edit a product, category etc. Help you ..

Add To Cart Link

add to cart link, buy link..