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Aldo Bongiovanni, Founder & CEO TiBioNa.it - also known as "King of organic products"
speaking about OC-Extensions OpenCart Services

Aldo Bongiovanni, Founder & CEO TiBioNa.it


There are most common answered questions about Premium Membership.
Have one of your own? Let us to know!

How many licenses i get for each extension?
With Premium Membership you get a Single-Store License for each of our extensions.
How I can use the set of licenses?
Single Store License (1 license / extension) will allow you to install & use extension on mystore.com

Is also possible to install extension A on mystore.com and extension B on otherstore.com.
(NOT required all extensions to be installed in same store)
Where I can download the extensions?
In the Downloads page you have all the extensions that you bought from our store. During the Premium Membership you can also download all our extensions from there.
What about if I am a Premium member but I need more licenses?
Contact us and you can get discount to get new license for extension you need.
Can I still use the modules/themes once my Premium Membership expired?
Yes, you still can keep and use the extensions that you already downloaded during your Premium Membership. However, you will no longer have access to file downloads, updates, support, Premium discount or other services.
Extensions that use our server (e.g Social AutoPilot / Smart Email Marketing) will stop posting/sending emails when license / PM expire.
What about if I need support/update for an extension but my Premium Membership expired?
In this case you will need to renew the Premium Membership or buy a Single-Store License for that extension.
I have to pay for support service every month?
No, support service is paid only once (for monthly plan).

However, the day when subscription is CANCELED will also END SUPPORT period.
Does the membership auto renew?
- YES, in case of Monthly Subscription.
- NO, in case of "Pay once for ! Year". No, if you bought "Pay Once for 1 Year".
Can i pay with my credit card?
In most countries PayPal allow to pay with credit card even if you don't have an PayPal account.


I had used OC-Extensions in the past, with our site amlcandles.co.uk, and have had no reason to contact support as they worked for me right out the box. With the latest extension I am using, After Purchase Review Invitation, I contacted the guys to ask about an change I would like to see. Almost immediately they got back to me and after a few emails back and forth. How happy am I? Very!

Billy Boyle Billy Boyle Co-Owner, Anne Makes Lovely Candles

What an awesome extension! Great support from the guys. Store on Facebook in minutes. Fully functioning after the guys took care of some of my mistakes. 5 Stars across the board! Well done!!!

Vincent Scully Vincent Scully Managing Director, AcuGraph Europe Ltd

I made a Premium subscription 3 years ago and I am really happy with the quality of the extensions but the most important is the great support. Their work made a significant difference to our business. I can’t speak highly enough of this collaboration.

Gabriel Persa Gabriel Persa Founder, Tshirt-Planet