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Consulting Service

Get a personalised and actionable TO DO list with all the improvements that you need
to achieve a perfect Time To First Byte

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For who was created this service?

Please ask yourself this questions and if the answer is YES to a couple of them, then you sure do need this service

  1. Are you feeling your OpenCart store is slow?
  2. Did you bought caching/speed extensions but with no real results?
  3. Have you tried a lot of optimising techniques but still have speed issues?
  4. You see that your OpenCart store have bottlenecks but don’t know why?
  5. Did you changed servers with top-notch ones but no results?
  6. Did you fixed all your visible problems on your store but no luck?
  7. Have you used 3rd party speed services but you were disappointed?
  8. Your developer said that he optimised the site but you don’t have same feeling?
  9. Did you changed the theme with one super optimised but still have speed problems?
  10. You have a speedy website but when you add to cart or login you feel it slow?

If Amazon was 1 second slower
it would lose 1.6 BILLION $ within a year.

JEFF BEZOS, Chief Executive Officer of Amazon

Why you need this service?

10 benefits you can get after implementing all our advices from the list that you will receive

More sales

1 second delay on your page load makes conversions drop by 7%. If you sell $1000 per day, that’s a potentially lost of $25.000 per year. Just imagine that!

More customers

40% of visitors will abandon your website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Improve Google Search Rank

If your site will have a lower TTFB it will have higher search result rankings than your competition.

Improve Facebook rank

Your Facebook stories with links to your website will appear to more people in their News Feed on mobiles.

Increase customer retention

79% of customers who report dissatisfaction with your website performance are less likely to buy from your store again.

Maintain brand reputation

Customers associate the online experience on your website to the brand. Your website performance influences their impression of your store.

Improve customer experience

47% of customers expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds or less.

Find site bottlenecks

You find out the bottlenecks on your store and the code with issues.

Free your mind

Free your mind about this problem and let you focus only on your business.

Take good decisions

You will take better decisions in the future when you install an extension or make modifications.

What do you get?

A personalised and actionable TO DO list with all the improvements that you need

You will receive a TO DO list with all the big issues that you need to improve at code level and also important advices regarding your hosting, PHP version, MySQL optimisation and other improvements that you can done in order to have a low time to first byte for your website pages.

After you will have all this info you can have your developer to solve the bottlenecks and make the improvements from the list or you can ask our team for a quote to make it happen right away.

Of course, if you don't want to be done by your developer or you don't have one then we can send you a quote for this job.

OpenCart TTFB


We analyze everything that can impact Time to First Byte

  • OpenCart code

    Check application bottlenecks

  • Server settings

    Check server hardware and settings

  • MySQL

    Check database calls.

  • Complete

    Receive list.


Massimiliano Laudati speaking about our Speed Optimization Service (TTFB)
Massimiliano Laudati, Founder of ML Soluzioni Web

Take advantage of the discounted offer!

OpenCart TTFB Consulting Service is only available to a limited number of clients
because it involves a lot of resources and time from our team.

Expire in


The superlative! A team of professionals in the true sense of the word.

They did an analysis of everything that means the operation of the site, front-end / back-end / server side and came up with concrete solutions to solve every problem that negatively affects our TTFB.
At the moment the site is moving 3 times better than before.

The communication with the responsible team was seamless and the implementation of the changes was carried out with all the necessary tests so as to make sure we do not have a negative downtime or user experience.
We will certainly continue to work on other projects!

ALEX COCIERU, Chief Executive Officer, XT DECO


There are most common answered questions about.
Have one of your own? Let us to know!

I paid for OpenCart TTFB Consulting Service, what I need to do now?
Our team will send you an email with the access that we need and we will schedule you for the audit.
What I will receive at the end of the audit?
You will receive a list of tips to put into practice for your store regarding which pieces of code to optimize, which blocks to cache, what extensions to unistall or modifications to make on your server or PHP/MySQL for better performance.
You can help me with implementing the TO DO list?
Of course, if you don't want to be done by your developer or you don't have one then we can send you a quote for this job.
What about if I also want a front-end audit?
Optimising your site using Google PageSpeed Insights, Google Optimize, GTmetrix or WebPageTest suggestions is a very good thing to do. We are offering also this kind of services, so you can contact us regarding this matter to obbtain more information.
Can i pay with my credit card?
In most countries PayPal allow to pay with credit card even if you don't have an PayPal account.