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The Ultimate OpenCart Email Marketing System

Coming soon..

Probably the highest possible ROI versus FB/Google Ads / SEO / Content Marketing
Increase sales by 20-30% without extra costs

OpenCart Gold Partner

99% of online stores on OpenCart DON'T do Email Earketing

0.99% do Email Marketing wrong or extremely wrong

0.01% are do it right!

What category do you want to be in?

Did you know that if you have an annual turnover of over 1 million euros, 25-30% of sales should come from email marketing? Especially from the automatic one?

This is the most significant advantage after you grow your business.

Gather a customer base (market share).

So that you don't have such a high cost with ads (FB Ads, Google Ads, Pinterest Ads, TikTok Ads, etc.).

You can maintain the relationship with them by email or SMS.

But what do you do when you are small?

Even then, you should have 15-20% sales from email marketing. So that you can be profitable per quarter (30/60/90/120 days, depending on your average buying frequency).

Email marketing has no way to replace Paid Ads in the first 1-2 years of business. Although, in some verticals, something like this is possible (see a special module for such a thing in the course).

But for most industries, email marketing is more about being profitable than about acquiring new customers. Which is excellent, and it blends into a complex marketing strategy.

We have so many examples of our clients who, from the moment they started doing email marketing, they:

  1. Stopped leaving money on the table.
  2. Increased their sales figure by 20-30%.

In addition, they have recovered many former lost customers. And they lowered the abandoned cart rate.

We are dealing with educated clients. The days you brought a potential customer to the site, and he bought on the first visit, are long gone.

Now, a potential buyer is doing research on the net. He follows your offer and prices for a longer period, depending on how expensive the product in question is.

He follows the competition, their offers, and especially the promotions. Follows social reviews and proof; social media pages or internet presence; and your online communication.

If you already have a few thousand or even hundreds of buyers, DON'T waste your time, DON'T leave your money on the table, and take action NOW!

We offer you the whole system with processes and validated procedures in the market, step by step, just to implement as quickly as possible.

Let us your email, and we'll announce to you when we'll open the presell event.

You'll don't want to miss it, cause it will be the best offer ever! Guaranteed!

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