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The Ultimate OpenCart Email Marketing System

Pre-Sale Launch Offer

Probably the highest possible ROI versus FB/Google Ads / SEO / Content Marketing
Increase sales by 20-30% without extra costs

OpenCart Gold Partner

99% of OpenCart stores DON'T do Email Marketing

0.99% do Email Marketing wrong or extremely wrong

0.01% are do it right!

What category do you want to be in?

Did you know that if you have an annual turnover of over 1 million euros, 25-30% of sales should come from email marketing?

Especially from the automatic one?

This is the most significant advantage after you grow your business.

Gather a customer base (market share).

So that you don't have such a high cost with ads (FB Ads, Google Ads, Pinterest Ads, TikTok Ads, etc.).

You can maintain the relationship with them by email or SMS.

But what do you do when you are small?

Even then, you should have 15-20% sales from email marketing.

So that you can be profitable per quarter (30/60/90/120 days, depending on your average buying frequency).

Email marketing has no way to replace Paid Ads in the first 1-2 years of business.

Although, in some verticals, something like this is possible (see a special module for such a thing in the course).

But for most industries, email marketing is more about being profitable than about acquiring new customers.

Which is excellent, and it blends into a complex marketing strategy.

We have so many examples of our clients who, from the moment they started doing email marketing, they:

    ✅ Stopped leaving money on the table.

    ✅ Increased their sales figure by 20-30%.

In addition, they have recovered many former lost customers. And they lowered the abandoned cart rate.

We are dealing with educated clients.

The days you brought a potential customer to the site, and he bought on the first visit, are long gone.

Now, a potential buyer is doing research on the net.

He follows your offer and prices for a longer period, depending on how expensive the product in question is.

He follows the competition, their offers, and especially the promotions.

He follows social reviews and proof, social media pages or internet presence, and your online communication.

It's hard to build loyalty these days.

If the competition launches an outstanding promotion, it is possible to steal your customers for a period. Or even for life.

And if you compete on price, nobody wins.

Not even the end customer in the long term.

Because at some point, there will be bankruptcies or quality rebates.

And many customers don't even create an account on the website.

That's why it is mandatory to keep them active through email marketing.

Let's activate them and make them loyal in the long term, not drive them into the arms of the competition.

You teach them to buy a specific product online and educate them.

Then the competition welcomes these potential customers with open arms and prepared discounts.

Don't leave money on the table!

Take this easy money and invest it in buying new clients and market share.

Create a relationship of trust with your customers.

Thus, you will be able to sell them anything!

Have you noticed the old stores that are now quite big but started small, like now they sell anything?

It practically turns into a marketplace.

Why? Because they have that critical mass of customers + brand + trust + money + relationships.

Example of success

Take Mike as example.

Mike has had an online store on Opencart for over five years.

He knew he was sitting on a treasurehad and needs to do email marketing.

And, Yes, he didn’t know where to start!

At some point, he opened an account on an Email Marketing platform.

He was extraordinarily excited about how many tools the platform offers.

He was so excited that he stuck and did not act.

The time passed, and the regresses appeared.

He still didn't know how to start.

Which would be the first step. And the next. And the next one.

Finally, he considered appealing to external aid, a freelancer, or a dedicated company.

But he hit the cost.

After the first two campaigns were a success, he realized he could not continue because he was not profitable.

So he gave up his collaboration and returned to the point he was in the beginning.

Only this time, he was even more frustrated.

Because he had seen he was right: sitting on a gold mine!

But he didn't extract gold from his gold mine.

He needed a step-by-step system to start.

Besides, he needed the lastest technology adapted to his needs.

All this at a feasible cost for his business.

For his luck, in the final, he contacts us.

Since then, everything has changed for the better.

We created a personalized system for what he needed from our experience with many other shops on Opencart.

It was a real success.

Then, we validated the system for other stores that had paid lots of money to extract gold from their gold mines.

And NOW, we launch this public to benefit as many OpenCart stores as possible.

What do you usually need to launch profitable email campaigns?

A good copyrighter who knows your field, the problems, the market, the clients, the products, and the competition.

A specialist in email marketing to set everything up and organize the entire concert like a conductor

A strategist, who will make the marketing strategy, and who, together with the team, will create an action plan in accordance with the other marketing channels

A data analyst to collect, measure and analyze the data and who can correlate them, see trends, and know how to read data cohorts.

These specialists can cost you thousands of dollars, depending on your country and how good there are.

And, they will need lots of time and tests to understand your market.

Most probably, in the end, they will deliver the results.

But are you prepared to take the risk?

To make a significant initial investment?

High-risk, high reward!

Or not?

Better to start for yourself, isn't it?

And hire specialists after you have a certain revenue.

But how do you do that?

Yes, we understand, it's hard, it really is!

That's why we have created the Ultimate OpenCart Email Marketing System.

To simplify things and help you out.

You already know your products, market, and customers.

You know their problems and desires.

Following our system, you would be able to organize and test all the email marketing techniques that currently work.

See what works for you, and build a unique strategy.

You would become better than a paid strategist by following our step-by-step procedures, testing and measuring them, and following KPIs.

Why? Because it's your business, and you are 100% implied.

You can't wait to succeed!

And you still have free time to invest in this before you hire someone or delegate the tasks.

Why do we do this?

Usually, these type of complete systems costs thousands of dollars!

Because it takes you from ground-up and help you consolidate the blood of your business: the cashflow.


Our mission is to help many shops on Opencart take their business to the next level.

To grow, to create plus value in society. And so, to have a better society.

Entrepreneurship is the best way to create a solid and educated society with a word to say.

And, we want to contribute with a small particle to its development.

What do you get

✅ a book in PDF format in which we tell everything so that you better understand the whole view (fear comes from ignorance)

✅ the processes and step-by-step procedures to implement The Ultimate OpenCart Email Marketing System

✅ practical examples/templates for each process

✅ what tools to use to send the emails with

✅ how to avoid spam

✅ examples of advanced industries and strategies

Our system is constantly improving.

We periodically add strategies tested and validated in the market to increase sales and conversion rate.

Remember: email marketing does not scale your business but makes it profitable.

And it can keep you safe in troubled times.

For example, Amazon and other local marketplaces do not let you contact the customer after purchasing from them.

The solution?

Own Your Audience

Time is an entrepreneur's most valuable resource

You will save years using our system.

We have already tried everything you could think of or what ideas you have.

We tested everything over the years and chose the winning strategies.

The role of an entrepreneur is to grow the business.

How can you focus on scaling if you are overwhelmed by operational and micromanagement?

You have to make partnerships to develop your business.

Or look for funding.

And recruit better people than you in certain areas of expertise, especially in the key points of your business (purchasing, stocks, marketing, sales, creating your own products, etc.).

Don't be afraid to scale your business.

Suppose you have your own stocks and want to be profitable with an employee for pick-pack and customer support.

In this case, you will have to have a certain number of minimum monthly sales.

And to do that, you need marketing!

To find a stable marketing channel.

Where to spend a sum of money monthly to bring X new customers.

Which will buy an average of $Y. And to bring Z monthly profit.

Play with these numbers until you see that they cover all your business costs.

Only then can you think about growth + profitability. That's how you lay the foundations.

Depending on the country's economy, you may have periods when you want to attack the market share.

That is, to get new customers.

Versus consolidating what you already have to survive a recession/crisis.

Don't forget: periods of economic decline are cyclical.

Suppose you want to grow aggressively in the crisis to benefit from the opportunities in the market.

In that case, you must do your calculations and strategy well.

And, of course, to periodically measure whether those clients for whom you paid more or who brought you a lower profit because they came in volume if they are what you need in the long term.

It also depends on the brand: if you have a premium brand, DO NOT dilute it!

For who is this course?

✅ All OpenCart online stores

✅ Solo entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, and family stores

✅ Physical stores that want to open online on the OpenCart platform

✅ For shops with a small team that also does operational (pick-pack, support, courier, suppliers, cash flow, financial, site, technical)

✅ For freelancers, designers, and shop administrators, who want to provide extra marketing services

✅ Stores that have constant SEO traffic and want to grow sales rapidly without PPC

✅ Stores that make money and sales from the PPC and want to add a 20-30% channel to decrease the purchase cost for new customers and create a better ROI.

✅ For those who do not want to grow in the market share but want to preserve the number of customers or sell more profitable until a new economic growth period (that follows a recession/crisis)

DON'T FORGET what you already know:

It costs you 6x to buy a new customer versus to sell for existing customers.

Take action NOW!

If you already have a few thousand or even hundreds of buyers, then:

❌⌛ DON'T waste your time

❌💰 DON'T leave your money on the table

❌🛑 DON'T stop and TAKE ACTION! 💚

We offer you the Whole System with Processes and Validated Procedures in the Market, Step by Step, just to implement as quickly as possible.

🚀 The official launch will be on 29 December 2022! 🚀

Until then, we prepared you the best PRE-Sale Offer Ever! 🔥

You'll don't want to miss it! Guaranteed!

After 29 December, the price will automatically go UP! 📈

And you will lose the exceptional Bonuses available only for the PRE-Sale Offer.

Speaking about Bonuses!

In addition to the Ultimate OpenCart Email Marketing System, we will also throw in a couple of bonuses to help you start your journey.

Bonus 1 (⚠️ WARNING: Available Only for the First 3 Purchasers 🔥🔥)

➡️ OpenCart TTFB + Page Experience + Core Web Vitals Consulting Service ($600 Value)

Get a personalised and actionable TO DO list with all the improvements that you need to achieve a perfect Time To First Byte + Google Console Page Experience / Core Web Vitals scores

Nowadays it's mandatory to have a speedy website. Your sales and marketing depend a lot on that!

Bonus 2

➡️ Quick Actions extension ($35 Value)

Help your customers automatically apply a coupon or add products to their shopping cart using just a link.

It is ideal when you want to offer a discount coupon or automatically add products to the basket. You save time for your clients.

Bonus 3

➡️ A bonus surprise included after the official launch ($xxx Value 😊)

It's hard to wait, but it will be worth it. We promise you!

But wait..

that's not all!


🔥 You will be automatically entered in the Contest where you can win the grand prize: 🥁

Email Marketing System implemented by our team (Valued at $10.000)

What you can win:

✅ We will make the Email Marketing Strategy for you.

✅ We will create the Action Plan following your other marketing channels.

✅ We will set everything up and organize the entire flow.

✅ We will advise you regarding copyrighting and offers.

✅ We will collect, measure and analyze the data for 1 Year.

You can imagine if you will be the winner?

Our team will make all this for you, so you can focus only on the business side!

Take action NOW!

What do you think?

It is the best pre-sale offer ever? Guaranteed!

But, we have to warn you again:

⚠️ After 29 December, the price will automatically go UP!

And you will lose some of the exceptional bonuses available only for the PRE-Sale Offer.

Normal Price: $500

Pre-Sale Price: $27

Lifetime access & FREE Updates

You will receive acces on 29 December, after the official launch.

Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not delighted with our product, simply contact our Support Team in 30 days and you will be given a full refund.

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

No questions asked!

Sounds fair?

You have delayed until now because:

❌ It seemed like a lot of work.

❌ You didn't have a clear structure.

❌ You didn't have a direction.

❌ You had no measurable goals.

❌ You didn't know where to start.

Now you will have:

✅ a system

✅ processes

✅ procedures

✅ direction

✅ quick wins

An easy system to implement.

Just 30 minutes a day for the next 30-90 days.

Take action NOW!

⚠️ After 29 December, the price will automatically go UP!

And you will lose some of the exceptional bonuses available only for the PRE-Sale Offer.

Normal Price: $500

Pre-Sale Price: $27

Lifetime access & FREE Updates

You will receive acces on 29 December, after the official launch.


Massimiliano Laudati speaking about our Speed Optimization Service (TTFB)
Massimiliano Laudati, Founder of ML Soluzioni Web
Mihai Chitan - Founder & CEO - AgroTech.ro
Flavius Ciobotaru - Founder & CEO - Gave.ro
Flavius Ciobotaru - Founder & CEO - Gave.ro
Flavius Ciobotaru - Founder & CEO - Gave.ro
Flavius Ciobotaru - Founder & CEO - Gave.ro
Flavius Ciobotaru - Founder & CEO - Gave.ro

Take action NOW!

⚠️ After 15 Octomber, the price will automatically go UP!

And you will lose some of the exceptional bonuses available only for the PRE-Sale Offer.

Normal Price: $500

Pre-Sale Price: $27

Lifetime access & FREE Updates

You will receive acces on 15 Octomber, after the official launch.