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3 Ways to Use Exit-Intent Technology in Your Advantage

No doubts, every e-commerce business has customers who leave store (site) without to buy any product. For sure, your store is no exception. On average conversion rate in e-commerce is between 1-2% (most of them at 1%). In other words, from 100 visitors only 1 will buy something. What if there's some way to convince more visitors to buy something? [...]

42 tricks to make your price seem lower

Your pricing strategy can be the key to boosting sales. And the human psyche is easy to manipulate. So how can you use psychology to boost your sales? [...]

Introduction to Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimisation or CRO isn’t about increasing traffic to your website, instead it’s about increasing revenue from existing traffic or an even simpler definition: conversion rate optimization is finding why visitors aren’t converting and fixing it. [...]

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