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3 Ways to Use Exit-Intent Technology in Your Advantage

3 Ways to Use Exit-Intent Technology in Your Advantage

No doubts, every e-commerce business has customers who leave store (site) without to buy any product. For sure, your store is no exception.

On average conversion rate in e-commerce is between 1-2% (most of them at 1%). In other words, from 100 visitors only 1 will buy something.

What if there's some way to convince more visitors to buy something?

According to Neil Patel, one of the most effective instruments is the Exit-Intent technology (a.k.a Exit Popup), an advanced system of popups and overlays that allow retailers to re-engage with visitors who would otherwise leave site.

Imagine increasing just by 1 the number of visitors who will buy something.
This will double your conversion rate and increase profit.
In fact, it's so simple that many store owners ignore it completely. Just do the math yourself!

In this blog post, will show you how to setup RECOVER LOST SALES extension for different cases.

Recover Lost Sales uses algorithms to analyze visitor behavior and detect when they might be leaving the site.
At the moment when they are about to leave, a targeted (custom) message is launched to convince the visitor to stick around and complete a purchase.

Cases described below are just examples. You can change values according to your needs.

1. Offer discount based on cart total

If visitors have landed on your site, it is most likely they are interested in the product or service that you're offering. However, they could be leaving the site for any number of reasons: they don't like the product, they can't afford the prices, or they want to check out a competitor.

You can make your products more attractive by using a rules that introduces a new offer to the interaction.

Check out this example below.

E.g. Discount 3% - if cart if empty

After visitor provide his email address, coupon is sent on email, also applied directly in browser and visitor is redirected to Shopping Cart page.

Now let's see step by step how to setup Discount 5% - when cart is between $150 - $249.99

Step 1: Set cart total condition

Step 2: Select action and define discount.

Step 3: Set popup messages

The added 5% discount could make several items more affordable for visitor, increasing your likelihood of making a sale and lowering your bounce rate.

2. Offer Free Shipping

Following same steps described above you can set FREE SHIPPING instead of discount and popup will look like below (exception green markers 1-6).

In image, are marked with 1- 6 relation between popup rule texts to help you understand better where / how each text (you specify in rules admin area) is shown to visitors.
See image from step 3 and will be easy identify there same markers 1-6.

3. Ask email address

If you don't want to offer discount or free shipping there's option to ask visitors email address to inform they when you have discount campaign or a better price.

Do you want to try Recover Lost Sales extension in your store?

OCX Team

Since 2010 we exclusively focused on OpenCart platform. We know it from A to Z, being able to resolve any challenge might raise concerning the development of your ecommerce store.