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10 Reasons to sell on Facebook with OpenCart

10 Reasons to sell on Facebook with OpenCart

Have you noticed that some competitors have already activated the Facebook Store section? Be better than them and use the OpenCart Facebook Store extension!

Shortly after I started to get involved in online commerce, I understood that the pace at which it evolves is more alert than in offline trade and that success depends on the ability to adapt to the new expectations of customers. In some cases, these expectations are caused. In others, are anticipated. In most cases, are seen at competitors. But, even when we encounter the first competition, it is desirable that our decisions be more effective than theirs.

A topical example is the Facebook Store section. Thanks to it, Facebook Page switched from a loyalty & communication channel to a new e-commerce support. How do you want to use this section? You want to be better than the competition? Use OpenCart Facebook Store extension! Why?!?! Because ...

1. It's easy to install

If you own an online store, a Facebook Fan Page and want to open a Facebook Store, than is enough to install the OpenCart Facebook Store extension. It only takes a few seconds and requires no programming knowledge.

2. It's easy to use

OpenCart Facebook Store automatically retrieve information from the database of your online shop. You still get an online store with the same list of products, categories, attributes, inventory, discounts, special pricing, users etc. without the need to synchronize databases later. This advantage cancel your subsequent administration costs of the new store. Any change in administration panel automatically appears in both stores.

3. It's easily arranged on the page

OpenCart Facebook Store has a flexible layout optimized for Facebook. You can configure it according to your preferences or edit the hole code. I recommend to follow the manual of the online store's identity (branding). The attention to detail keeps your customers complying with quality. I'm sure you already know that they are the best customers.

4. It's easily integrated with Facebook login

I mentioned earlier that the best customers are those who respect quality. On Facebook the importance of these clients is much more evident. They are the ones who take our defense when someone is posting a mischievous comment, they are the ones who justly praise our products, who shares our offer, who convince their friends to become our customers.

5. It's easy to place an order

The combination of social media and online commerce is a new experience for customers. Unlike the first Facebook Store extensions, containing buttons related to the pages of you online store, Facebook Store offers customers the ability to order directly from the Facebook page.

6. It's easy to loyal customers

If the store has enabled "Buy as guest", OpenCart Facebook Store keeps for customers who are buying on Facebook all the facilities owned by the online store. For example, no matter where a customer place an order, the Facebook Store or online shop, he will receive the same discount and will accumulate in one place the loyalty points.

7. It's easier to promote on Facebook Timeline

The promotion of products on Facebook Timeline confirms their quality because it is considered equally an invitation to promote a good product, but also a public registry of complaints. Using high-performance hashtags lead to an increase in the number of views.

8. It's easy to communicate with customers

Online shop operators can easily identify orders from Facebook Store and can contact the clients immediately for confirmation or further details on command. Every human quick response contribute to increase credibility and boost your sales. Private discussions on Facebook may contain techniques like customer loyalty.

9. It's easy to pay

Customers will find on Facebook Store same payment methods available on the online store. They can still use the preferred mode of payment even if they placed the order on Facebook Store. Easy, secure and convenient.

10. Costs only $50

Please remember that this extension does not limit the products and does not require synchronization because it uses the database of the online shop. OpenCart Facebook Store extension only costs $50 and is payable in full at the beginning without any subscriptions.

I listed 10 reasons why I recommend you to sell with OpenCart Facebook Store. It's up to you to confirm that you want to be better than the competition.

OCX Team

Since 2010 we exclusively focused on OpenCart platform. We know it from A to Z, being able to resolve any challenge might raise concerning the development of your ecommerce store.