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4 Years Old

4 Years Old

Hey, today it’s a very significant day for us - is our birthday. Our fourth birthday. We didn't think that we will reach this milestone but we did it and that’s thanks to you guys. Each of you has contributed a little to the development of our OpenCart extensions Club and we are very grateful for it.

Four years ago we released our first OpenCart extension - Also bought products - and made an almost instantly sale which confirmed us that we are on the right way and motivated us to build more and more OpenCart extensions. The time has passed and the OpenCart platform has grew a lot and so did we because this is the only way to meet the client expectations. With every year our customers matured and asked for more complex and innovative modules to help them growth their stores and boost their sales. So we tried to conform because a very important thing for us is our clients satisfaction.

That’s how we reached today the extraordinary number of 145 OpenCart extensions. We are here, we are real and we will invest more in our business so we can keep all our promises that we made to you. And you are not little or few, you are more than 20.000 customers from 4600 cities located in 168 countries on all continents. And that’s the beauty of our job, the possibility to work with this awesome guys all other the world and help them to build an online business by offering the tools to manage the store from a start-up to a large business. And the hard part, because we need to offer top notch support, friendly, helpful advices and solutions to every one of them, so each client can experience the highest level of customer service.

Speaking about statistics, we have over 100.000 downloads of our FREE OpenCart extensions and count. Also, forget to mention, our first extension had more than 1000 sales over time. It’s a simple marketing tool but we are proud of it. Of course, it could not compare with our flagship extensions like Facebook Store and Android Store, two awesome extensions that brought innovation to the OpenCart platform and offered our clients the possibility to use new marketing strategies. We can’t forget Sales Motivator - a very smart OpenCart marketing tool that will drive more sales to your store and will increase branding for your business. We just released yesterday the new version for the latest OpenCart and we are very excited of your positive feedback.

Looking forward we want for next year to develop more awesome and complex solutions to help your businesses, to grow our support team in order to offer more great customer support and to offer you an improved experience on our website.

We are very happy to be part of this very wonderful OpenCart ecosystem. We want to say thank you to you guys and also to Daniel and OpenCart team. We wish many great achievements for the next year to everyone.

Now, before we cut the cake and drink some champagne we’ve got a surprise for you :) Check our extensions with their special prices on this occasion. We cut the prices up to 80% to all of it. Also, if you want to upgrade from basic to premium member of our OpenCart Club you’ve got some very special prices here with the biggest discount ever. Celebrate with us!

OCX Team

Since 2010 we exclusively focused on OpenCart platform. We know it from A to Z, being able to resolve any challenge might raise concerning the development of your ecommerce store.