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You added a new product in the store. Who notifies your friends on Facebook?

You added a new product in the store. Who notifies your friends on Facebook?

How do you announce your friends on Facebook when you added a new product in the store? Do you want to be more efficient?

The existing digital divide in online commerce began to increase. This situation is due to the different rhythm in which the administrators of online stores are able to adapt to technological development. Some adapt slower, others easier.

Even if we are witnessing to an IoT maturity, I’m still asked what I think about the digital advisors. Yes, I have a very good opinion about this advisors. They understand perfectly what they have to do and they respect their deadlines. They know what to say and they say always only what they have to say.

The Internet of things will change completely our lifestyle regardless of our wish. Especially us, who provide services to trade online. What do you do to keep up? You take a smart watch and a pair of holographic glasses? But to your online store what do you take? The success is based on vision.

Instead of watching digital advisers as a threat, I advise you to take advantage of every service they can provide to you.

I know you want to lower your maintenance costs and have more time to talk with your customers. I’m also looking every day for ways to be more efficient. Finally I learned that the only way to cope with the new requirements is to outsource certain services to some digital advisors. Fortunately, we started to get used with their presence.

Suppose that in the next hour I must add 3 new products on the site, update technical sheets to ten existing products, share on Facebook these changes and answer to all questions received already on Facebook Messaging. As you can see, the order is according to priority. At first glance it seems a natural order, but in the long term this attitude is not constructive. Digital buyers need guidance, including from sellers.Moving on the first place the discussion is not constructive because it can stretch too far to the detriment of time allocated to the other two activities. Giving up to one of them is excluded. How do you advise me to do?

Exactly! To outsource the second activity to a digital advisor and thus the saved time to devote to the third. The customers will be satisfied. I could afford to allot them more time for discussions.

I recommend to you to use Facebook Auto Post to announce your friends on Facebook when you add a new product in the store. The time thus saved, use it to talk personally with them.

OCX Team

Since 2010 we exclusively focused on OpenCart platform. We know it from A to Z, being able to resolve any challenge might raise concerning the development of your ecommerce store.