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We build beautiful and powerful extensions to help you growth your store and boost your sales. You don't need to be a tech-savvy to use them, it's just that simple!

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We develop some of the best OpenCart extensions. Just join our club and allow you more time to promote your business and make money using our awesome solutions!

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We are using all the requests and feedback from you guys to build the best useful OpenCart extensions. You are the reason we exists, thank you for that!

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Our super-duper OpenCart experts offers friendly, helpful advices and solutions. We know just how important great support is and we want you to experience the highest level of customer service.

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We gave our best for you to have the finest options in acquiring the licenses for your store, for a long-term sustainable project. So we created Premium membership with Licence Set.

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Each of our extension is very well documented, so you can quickly install it and get it worked on your live store. And we are here to support you in case you need us!

The most important thing

OC extensions Team deserve 5 stars! Just perfect all the way. From communication to cooperation. And with 100% quality of extension and above all team members are very nice persons to work with. Thanks!! I hope we can keep doing business together.

R. Jain - Founder & Operation Head, Charvi Associates

What an awesome extension! Great support from the guys. Store on Facebook in minutes. Fully functioning after the guys took care of some of "My" mistakes. 5 Stars across the board! Well done!!!

Vincent Scully - Managing Director, AcuGraph Europe Ltd.

I had used OC-Extensions in the past, with our site amlcandles.co.uk, and have had no reason to contact support as they worked for me right out the box. With the latest extension I am using, After Purchase Review Invitation, I contacted the guys to ask about an change I would like to see. Almost immediately they got back to me and after a few emails back and forth. How happy am I? Very!

Billy Boyle - Co-Owner, Anne Makes Lovely Candles

Just wanted to post that the support offered by the developer is excellent. My problems we resolved within 30 mins of sending the first email. We have the premium membership and this is well worth having with many great products from this developer. Thank you OC extensions Team for your help.

Richard Wilding - Co-Owner & Manager, Achilles Fire Safety