Sales Motivator

Sales Motivator

Sales Motivator helps you drive more sales through your customers’ social networks.
We provide an extension that allows you to incentivize your customers to refer your online store to their friends.
It has 2 key features :
1) Offer an instant discount (store credit) to encourage social sharing
Give your customers an instant discount when they share your products on their social networks. 
This generates greater branding and awareness for your business.
2) Reward your customers with store credit if one their invited friends add new order
The more friends join in and buy from you = happy customer and also increased number of sales
  • Ditch troublesome advertising dollars - Save time and money spent on creating an extensive online advertising effort with our easy to install extension.
  • Get people to talk about your brand - Turn your customers into your loyal friend and create word-of-mouth-advertising that is trusted.
  • Generate more referrals - Reward your customers for every successful referral they make and drive more sales for your business.
  • Easy to set up if you follow our install guide. 


You can check the Shop DEMO and the Admin DEMO (user: demo, password: demo).


Extension Version 2.2 VQMOD
Supported OC Versions -
VQMOD Required YES
MultiStore Support NO
License details
License Type Single Domain
Support/Update separate purchase - 1 year
PM - until PM expire

Sales Motivator - Change Log


Opencart 2.x comes with many changes to extension system, core files, theme. 

Because developers have to completely rebuild extensions for Opencart 2.x, free update from 1.5.x to 2.x will NOT be eligible if you previously purchased the 1.5.x version.

If you bought 1.5.x version of this extension, send us ORDER ID and we will offer discount for 2.x version.

Sales Motivator compatible with Opencart 2.x is available here: SALES MOTIVATOR OC2.x

Thank you for understanding,
OC-Extensions Team

version 2.2 - 20 JUL 2015

- changed functions according with FB javascript API v2.4

version 2.1 - 20 OCT 2014

- added percent (from product price) "share reward" 

How to update?

  • replace files and define share reward type (fixed/percent) 

If you modified extension and don't want to loose changes,  bellow you can find list of file that is required to replace:

  • admin/controller/module/sales_motivator.php
  • admin/language/[your_language]/module/sales_motivator.php
  • admin/view/template/module/sales_motivator.tpl
  • catalog/controller/module/sales_motivator.php
  • catalog/model/module/sales_motivator.php

version 2.0 - 2 July 2014

- added new option that allow to remove credit (credit received for sharing products) if in X days customer don't added any order

I don't want to use "share credit remove system". In this case i need to update to new version?

No, is not necessary to update to new version if you don't want to use "share credit remove"

Find more details about how this system works in help guide.


Next steps will remove your old settings and require to add setting again. (we recommend to save you rules text before uninstalling ext)

  • Upload files for version 2.0
  • From Admin > Extensions > Modules > click unistall on Sales Motivator
  • now click install and defined settings


version 1.4.1 - 14 MAY 2014

- added support for OC -

version 1.4 - 28 APR 2014

- added new option related to friend reward. Now you can set reward = percentage of friends orders

version - 10 APR 2014

- added support for Opencart

version - 18 Mar 2014

- fix bug: popup don't show second time on same page (if was closed) This problem was found only in version 1.3.3

version 1.3.3 - 14 Feb 2014

fixed: like button removed from screen when popup is closed

version 1.3.2 - 26 Nov 2013

- changed sales motivator bottom bar to support browser resize (multiple dimensions)

version 1.3 - 4 NOV 2013


For condition displayed above:

  • popup display was changed 
  • added company ID, Tax ID

Is NOT necessary to update if in your store TAX ID/Comapny ID are not required in registration process.


version 1.2 - 30 SEP 2013

- fixed bug in mail to admin (when new account is registered)

version 1.1.1 - 27 SEP 2013

- added css rules for resolutions with height smaller than 768

version 1.1 - 26 SEP 2013

- added support for oc up to 1.5.6

version 1.0

Release date: Sep 25, 2013, 11:00 pm

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Single Store License


Extension Version 2.2 VQMOD
Supported OC Versions -
VQMOD Required YES
MultiStore Support NO
License details
License Type Single Domain
Support/Update separate purchase - 1 year
PM - until PM expire