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Remember every morning that OpenCart's Android Store is for loyal customers

Remember every morning that OpenCart's Android Store is for loyal customers

Do you have an online store and plan to test your customer loyalty? Use OpenCart Android Store extension.

When it comes to how mobile applications have changed customer preferences many online stores administrators tend to feel intimidated by those with a higher sales volume. In reality, it just takes creativity and innovation.

We believe that mobile applications are a new challenge for online stores. Unlike previous challenges (SEO and responsive), mobile applications for online stores have a particularity: it is addressed to loyal clients.

Online customers smartphone owners have evolved. It is true that they prefer applications instead of responsive websites, but it is equally true that there are increasingly more selective each time they change their phone. Applications are only kept as they are helpful or linking them something pleasing. Faithful customers accept friendship on social networks and subscription to newsletters of a website from which they purchased a product a few months ago. Loyal clients will maintain active the OpenCart Android Store application on their smartphone.

We've drawn attention to this detail to help you effectively use our extension OpenCart Android Store + Push Notification extension.

Even though OpenCart Android Store (+ Push Notification) is an application with which a person can select and order any product from an online store, my advice is to look at it like an application with which you can just convince your customers to stay loyal. Be creative! Amaze your clients with something pleasant and enjoyable! Remember that they are loyal customers who trusted you and who wants you to keep meeting their expectations.

Convince them that you deserve to be there in the first line! They not only expects from your messages with offers, but messages with the best deals at the right time and information to confirm that you're concerned about their welfare. Before you recommend a product check on what position is in the price comparators applications.

Sometimes I tend to claim that this category of customers is the prototype of tomorrow's customers. The effort to understand how they think and to identify new channels of loyalty prepares you for what will come next. Learn with them and get ready for the next online commerce challenge.

We created a very good application for Android smartphone owners, with a special module for notifications.

The second tip for today is innovation. We urged you to be creative. To send a message with something pleasant to your loyal customers, something to make them smile. How will they see your message? How will they see automatically generated messages after placing an order directly from your application? Well, these questions we have and we put a few months ago. The result? A new version of the Android Store (+ Push Notification). This is called innovation.

Out of respect for our customers, we kept the same form of payment - a single payment to purchase without any further obligation. It's called loyalty.

What is the module + Push Notification? Click the next button and find out:

In what consists OpenCart Android Store + Push Notification? Click the next button and find out:

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OCX Team

Since 2010 we exclusively focused on OpenCart platform. We know it from A to Z, being able to resolve any challenge might raise concerning the development of your ecommerce store.