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Quick Checkout

Fast, simple and intuitive checkout process with focus on increasing your store conversion rate

Single Store License
Subtotal Price:




Designed to simplify and speed up your checkout, giving your customers a better experience while also boosting your conversion rate.

Get rid of ton of fields

When customers find something they love online, nothing takes the wind out of their sails like filling in a ton of fields at checkout.

Not the case for Quick Checkout which is designed to request only info you need to deliver products.

Super easy for new customers

Will notice country selection is not available in demo (store sell products only in his country).
This is settings based and can be enabled or disabled from admin

KISS - Keep it stupid simple

According to a study from OCT 2018 conducted by SmartInsights: 91.7% of customers use same details (address, payment, shipping) from previous order in new order.
Quick Checkout already took advantage of this.

Your existing checkout system has this feature?

Even faster for logged customer - just 1 click

When customer is logged, extension will import his preferences - related to shipping,
payment, address etc - from previous order.

Multiple Themes to choose from

6 themes are provided by default which you can also customize

Compatible with Cities extension

Quick Checkout has be default support for Cities extension - which allow you to convert your City field (text input) to dropbox with all cities from your country.

By default in Cities extension are provided cities from Romania and Hungary, but you can import your own cities list.

Cities extension - BONUS

Starting with June 3, 2020, Cities extension is provided as bonus (on request) for every Quick Checkout order.

How you can get it?
Contact OC-Extensions team and provide your Quick Checkout order ID.

Integrated Facebook Login

Customers can login using regular account or via Facebook directly in checkout page :)

Dedicated Support

Daniel, Ioana, Roxana, Catalin or Vasile are ready to offer friendly, helpful advices and solutions to any problems you might have.

Free for Premium Members

Yep, Premium Members can download this extension and other 145+ for FREE.

Probably the best deal - now with monthly subscription as low as 0.3 cups of coffee per day.

Ohhh, yes is true!

Most common answered questions about Quick Checkout.
Have one of your own? Let us to know!

Our developers team appreciate your review OR any suggestions on how we could improve this extension.

V.2.4.4 - Jul 23, 2021

- version released only related to session problems on OC3.x

To update replace only catalog/view/javascript/jquery/jquery.quick_checkout.js
!! If you use OC3.x and had no problems until now is NOT required to update

V.2.4.3 - Jun 17, 2021

- added extra checks for some custom shipping extensions weight based
- new checks for initial ajax load (case when shipping / payment methods are loaded by default)

In case you've made changes over CSS or certain sections and you don't want to lose them only replace files listed below:
- catalog/model/quick_checkout/shipping_method.php
- catalog/model/quick_checkout/payment_method.php
- catalog/view/javascript/jquery/jquery.quick_checkout.js

DO NOT forget to purge cache if you use CDN services like CloudFlare.

V.2.4.2 - Jun 12, 2021

- fixed small bug on register step when shipping and payment methods are displayed by default
(bug details: on page refresh was preselected country / zone based on store address)
- fixed bug on confirm step in version for OC 3.x - case when affiliate code was provided

In case you've made changes over CSS or certain sections and you don't want to lose them only replace files listed below:
- catalog/controller/quick_checkout/register.php
- catalog/controller/quick_checkout/confirm.php
- catalog/model/quick_checkout/address.php

V.2.4.1 - May 07, 2021

small fix on register step

V.2.4 - Mar 18, 2021

After update to this version is required to set again settings (save) because new options were added.

Added new options:
- display shipping and payment methods even customer address is not added yet
- 2 options in the register section for "Individual" and "Company"
- catch moment when customer is filling last required field (on registration step) and auto trigger required events
- email clean in case some old customers add space at the end
- support bar on the top | customers can ask support | admin will get email with details about cart content
- benefits section where you ca promote your main advantages (Free shipping, 30 money back etc)
- back in site button
- customer support info (with optional whatsapp and fb chat link)
- options for custom css, js in header and custom html in foooter
- modified Experimental theme (now called "I love Bukovina") to show required sign and moved label at the top | Found that in previous version, stores with old customers had some issues

Also on our TODO list but planned for next version:
- unique offer on checkout page (show a unique discount offer)
- address and postal codes using google services (google maps api require to pay per request)
- option for 2 steps checkout

V.2.3 - Jun 08, 2020

- updated version for OpenCart 3.x
Now Native PHP session class is provided as optional tool (included in zip).

OpenCart 3.x has some bugs related to Session handlers (DB or File) when two (or more) asynchronous do changes in session.
We added in our extension some extra checks to avoid this issues but we also provide an optional session class based on NATIVE PHP Session handler which is much faster compared to default OpenCart options (DB / File).

V.2.2 - Jun 06, 2020

- included javascript polyfill for antique browsers

V.2.1 - Jun 05, 2020

- fix bug for case registered customer (old customer) with no order added until today

V.2.0 - Jun 02, 2020

Edit 3 June 2020: Zip archive was reuploaded. Please download files again in case you have problems with previous downloaded version.

- core changes (about 80%)
- improved speed
- new options
- new templates

To update: We recommend to uninstall your version, upload new files and install + define settings again.
Important: By uploading new files, will overwrite custom work of old version (in case you made changes)

V.1.5.3 - Mar 06, 2020

- block confirm button while submodules / sections are still loading
- fix missing payment processor callback after coupon/voucher is added
- added 2 new themes: White and Light Gray
Recommended to update.

V.1.5.2 - Mar 04, 2020

- updated events on different triggers
Recommended to update

V.1.5.1 - Mar 02, 2020

- fixed facebook login button "second click required"

V.1.5 - Jan 30, 2020

- added support for Siruta Module (cities list country based - customer will select city from list instead of typing)

V.1.4.3 - Apr 23, 2019

- improved CSS rules for RTL (right-to-left) languages (NO update required IF your store is not using RTL)

V.1.4.2 - Apr 19, 2019

- fixed bugs in version for OC3.x

V.1.4.1 - Feb 26, 2019

- added support for CloudFlare GeoLocation (will auto select country based on customer location)

V.1.4 - Feb 22, 2019

- improved speed with about 25% (depending on payment method requirements)
- fixed other bugs

V.1.3.1 - Feb 13, 2019

- bug fix + other improvements

V.1.3 - Feb 11, 2019

- changes related to company custom fields

V.1.2 - Feb 09, 2019

- were reduced number of requests in both cases (initial state, quest, logged customer)

V.1.1 - Feb 09, 2019

- was improved case guest order (initial calls, register step)

V.1.0 - Feb 01, 2019

- initial release with support for OC 2.3.x

Extension Details
Version 2.4.4
MultiStore Support NO
1 Year - Single Store