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Cross-sell & Upsell

Make more on every sale by suggesting other products to your customers based on what they just added in shopping cart.

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Sale more by suggesting additional / upgraded products to your customers based on product they just added in shopping cart.

"Amazon has reported that upselling and cross-selling makeup to 35% of their total annual revenue."
Forbes.com - A beginner's guide to Upselling and Cross-Selling

Targeted products suggestions

Based on what customer just added in his shopping cart, will suggest complementary products or upgraded version of product he bought.

In admin area you can easily define which products to suggest whenbased on each type of product.

Increase average order value

Products suggestions will help your customer to find & buy more products, even if we talk about complementary products (cross-sell) or about more expensive / upgrade version product (upsell).


Cross-sell - a sales technique where seller offer some completementary products based on product customer just bought.

E.g: Customer added in cart "iPhone 11" and you can suggest an "Screen Protector" and "iPhone Case".


In video, customer add in his cart 'Niikon D300' camera, and extension will suggest a BAG, SD-CARD etc
When your team build product suggestions, make sure products selected will bring value to customers and to product he just added in shopping cart.

What is UPSELL?

Upselling is a sales technique where the customer is offered a higher price product (upgraded version of product he just added in shopping cart)

E.g: Customer added in cart SD-Card 32 GB and you can suggest that for just extra 2$ he can have Kingston SD-Card 128GB"


When customer add in his cart 'OCX Razor - 2 Blades'
will suggest other razors with 4 and 6 blades (upgraded / a better version)

Easy to build product suggestions

The advanced product search in "Offer Section" (admin area)  will help you to quickly choose best product suggestions.

How to build product suggestions offer?

Video below present both methods: BASIC and ADVANCED mode :)

Multiple Themes

Theme selection is SUPER simple - Just set theme number in extension settings.

Our team can also help you to customize theme even more to fit with your store design / colors etc

Choose theme you like

From extension setting just set theme number

Dedicated Support

Daniel, Ioana, Roxana, Catalin or Vasile are ready to offer friendly, helpful advices and solutions to any problems you might have.

Free for Premium Members

Yep, Premium Members can download this extension and other 145+ for FREE.

Probably the best deal - now with monthly subscription as low as 0.3 cups of coffee per day.

Ohhh, yes is true!

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Our developers team appreciate your review OR any suggestions on how we could improve this extension.

V.1.3.1 - Jun 04, 2020

- updated code to replace cart products on upsell case

V.1.3 - Apr 17, 2020

- added support for OpenCart 2.1.x and 2.2.x

V.1.2 - Feb 04, 2020

- fixed bug admin side: duplicated products in offer suggestions
To update:just replace extension files

V.1.1 - Dec 15, 2019

- added support for OC3.x
- now cross-sell / upsell offers are also displayed in product page (offers related to product you're editing)

V.1.0 - Nov 20, 2019

- initial release

Extension Details
Version 1.3.1
MultiStore Support NO
1 Year - Single Store