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How OpenCart default search will make you lose money every day

How OpenCart default search will make you lose money every day

Yep, (unfortunately) is true - your store is losing money every day because of non-relevant search results in default OpenCart search.

Even themes like Journal are affected.


Follow me and i'll help you to understand why and how to fix this problem.

How you already know - according to many research companies - about 78 up to 82% of your customers will use search function when they want to buy a product from your store. (of course, if search is available and easy to find in page)

If your store has autosuggest and there are no relevant products in autosuggest results, almost 50% of customers will leave even before main results page is displayed.

If there's no autosuggest, customer will quickly scan first page of result - in most of cases - first products. Only 7% of them will browse second page and only 1.7% of them will reach third page of search results.

To avoid any misunderstanding:
Is better to use autosuggestions BUT this suggested results need to be relevant - otherwise will make customers to leave faster your store.

OpenCart search function will NOT produce relevant results

You didn't knew this and probably you don't believe it either. Right?

So, let take an example from default OpenCart.

In image below, you can see that in store is available product "iPhone 6S Silver 32GB" and product "Canon EOS 5D" and some other products.

Let's imagine that some customer will search "canon silver"

How you can see in image above, default OpenCart search will produce NO RESULTS, even in our shop there's available a product with name "canon" and a product which has word "silver" in name.

Journal theme has same problem?

Short answer: YES

Even Journal theme use some custom made search controlelr with autocomplete, it has same problem - even worse - because in many cases suggestions are not relevant.

Hard to believe? Take a look below (video recorded from one of our customers store who had this problem)

Even his store had product containing name "lubricante" (will see in section "Solution"), in suggested result was no relevant product, so customer decide to leave store and owner lost money.


[1] If you have a dev team or developer ask them / him to review an modify default OpenCart search system

[2] In case you don't have a developer, you can use our Search Relevance (Improved Search results) extension


THE PROOF (with extension installed)

Same search term "canon silver" but this time with extension installed

The proof will also fix Journal search - screenshot from autosuggest and from search results page

Journal autocomplete - after extension was installed

Not sure if you store has a problem with search system?

Contact US and our team will check for FREE if your store has or not problems with search

OCX Team

Since 2010 we exclusively focused on OpenCart platform. We know it from A to Z, being able to resolve any challenge might raise concerning the development of your ecommerce store.