Sales Motivator

Sales Motivator

Increase sales 10x faster & get people to talk about your brand!

Offer an instant discount to encourage social sharing
Give your customers reward when they share your products on their social networks. 
This generates greater branding and awareness for your business.
Reward your customers if one their invited friends add new order

Let's take an example ...

Each facebook user has an average of 300 friends.

[1] Your store promote and sale clothes.

[2] Chloe is one of Facebook users with 300 friends .... and today is browsing your online store.

Chloe saw a dress in your store she think that dress is AWESOME.

Like everyone and Chloe likes discount and she decide to share your product (dress) on his fb wall to get discount.

To increase his discount chances she also post on twitter + email her best friend Jennifer.

Let's do the math: 

300 FB friends + 200 followers on twitter = 500 new possible customers

If one of her friends add new order from invite link (from FB, twitter) Chloe get an extra discount (see admin area settings) 

user: demo
pass: demo

Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags extension is included (in download area will see 2 zip files)
Extension Version 3.3.3
Supported OC Versions,,,,,,,,
MultiStore Support NO
License details
License Type Single Domain
Support/Update separate purchase - 1 year
PM - until PM expire

Sales Motivator - Change Log

version 3.3.3 (24 NOV 2016)
  • this version will allow to apply coupon even cart is empty (will keep code for moment when customer add first product)
version 3.3.2 (26 SEP 2016)

  • conditions related to categories improved (check if product X is in category Y - will also check if product is in subcategories of category Y)

version 3.3.1 (22 SEP 2016)

  • improved privacy check (fb shared post visibility)
TO UPDATE from min 3.2.7 to 3.3.1 JUST REPLACE file catalog/view/theme/[theme_name]/template/module/sales_motivator_info.tpl with new file

*in OC 2.3.X file path is  catalog/view/theme/[theme_name]/template/extension/module/sales_motivator_info.tpl

version 3.3 (25 AUG 2016)

  • added support for OpenCart -

version 3.2.7 (09 AUG 2016)

  • Fix: avoid multiple clicks

version 3.2.6 (05 AUG 2016)

  • sales_motivator_coupon.php - improve

version 3.2.5 (21 JUL 2016)

version 3.2.4 (20 JUL 2016)

  • sales_motivator_coupon.php - optimized to support and old php versions

version 3.2.3 (1 JUL 2016)

  • bug fix: related to option "Use HTML Email extension" to send emails

version 3.2.2 (17 MAY 2016)

  • admin new check rule  (show error message) for visitor with invalid FB account (based on Facebook API rules)
CASE 1 -  YOUR FILES WERE CUSTOMIZED (CSS / TPL ETC) and you want to keep custom changes:

To update from version 3.2 or 3.2.1 to 3.2.2 replace this files:

  • catalog/language/[your_language]/module/sales_motivator.php   (was added error message)
  • catalog/controller/module/sales_motivator.php    (was added function getErrorExplanation )
  • catalog/view/javascript/jquery/jquery.sales-motivator.js  (was added new check rule for visitor fb account)


In this case just upload files from NEW version

version 3.2.1 (15 MAY 2016)

  • admin area, custom position: fixed text_before

version 3.2 (26 MAR 2016)

  • added support for OpenCart

version 3.1.3 (04 FEB 2016)

  • improved share visibility check (case oldFB apps)

version 3.1.2 (12 FEB 2016)

  • updated error messages (admin area)

version 3.1.1 (09 FEB 2016)

  • improved check post visibility from previous version

version 3.1 (04 FEB 2016)

  • improved share reward check (+ shared post visibility)
This version will reward share only if post is shared as Public or for Friends

version 3.0.3 (03 FEB 2016)

  • small fix in sales_motivator.tpl (admin side) selected option for share discount type

version (18 JAN 2016)

  • fixed bug in catalog/model/module/sales_motivator.php
PLEASE update soon as possible.

If css/tpl was customized is enough to replace only  catalog/model/module/sales_motivator.php

version (16 JAN 2016)

  • For Journal themes only: updated code for addthis plugin for journal themes (where addthis key is not specified)

version 3.0.2 (12 JAN 2016)

  • now you can set to show Sales Motivator for certain customer groups
  • new CSS file for compatibility with Journal theme
Sales Motivator Coupon new options:
  • required order total option (coupon is applied if cart total is over value defined in this option)
  • options to select products/categories where coupon can be applied

version 3.0.1 (18 DEC 2015)

  • updated function for  event order status change
Please update (JUST REPLACE FILES)

version 3.0 (first version for OC 2.x)

Release date: 14 DEC 2015

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Single Store License


Extension Version 3.3.3
Supported OC Versions,,,,,,,,
MultiStore Support NO
License details
License Type Single Domain
Support/Update separate purchase - 1 year
PM - until PM expire