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  • AutoSuggest Search

    AutoSuggest Search

With this module you can transform your search function to an autosuggest search

Store Demo : on (home page) => in search field type an character 

Version: 1.9.2

Supported OC Versions 1.5.1.x -
VQMOD Required Yes (vqmod is used to clear search cache)
MultiStore Support No

Change Log:

version 1.9.2 (20 JUNE 2014)

- improved css/html (templated)

- added loading search progress

version 1.9.1 (10 MAY 2014)

added support for oc -

version 1.9 (9 APR 2014)

added support for oc

version 1.8:

added support for oc 1.5.6

version 1.6:

added support for oc

version 1.6:

- fixed css

version 1.5:

- vqmod : clear autosuggest cache

version 1.4:

- fixed search sql


version 1.3 (24 Sep 2012):

- support for oc


version 1.2 (1 Jul 2012):

- type watch*

- query optimized

- response speed increased

version 1.1 (7 Jun 2012):

- options that alow you to define if search in description and tags 

version 1.0:

- release date 6 Jun 2012

What does it do

With this module you can transform your search function to an autosuggest search



please read tab Specification


How to install it:

-    Unzip and upload the contents  to the root directory of your OpenCart installation, preserving directory structure

* [english] and [default] means that if you have different language and theme just copy in your language and theme


If you use other theme than default:

  • go to catalog/view/theme/default   (after you unzip files provided by us)
  • copy CONTENT OF directory "default" (from files unziped in previous step)
  • go in your theme directory and paste there  (on your server)



Login into admin section of your site (   e.g.   )

Select Extensions => Module and click Install on “AutoSuggest Search “

Edit Module Setting

Go to Extensions => Module and click [Edit] on "AutoSuggest Search"

Press Add module button.  Define settings for module and press “Save” button.


Activate this extension on each layout.

  • $20.00 (Single domain)

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